PROJECTS - Jan 2018

Get acquainted with circular catering and be surprised by the pure and sustainable products at Circl Restaurant! Everything you see, taste, smell and feel has a sustainable circular story that the chef Rudolf Brand and his team like to tell! Hrbs is also part of this story!


Location | Amsterdam
Furniture | Hrbs House
Hrbs | 15 trays 

Come and enjoy our circular catering facilities and allow yourself to be surprised by the pure flavours of sustainable, locally sourced products. The Circl restaurant is located on the ground floor and is a unique place to have lunch, dinner or drinks in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district. Everything you see, hear, taste, smell and feel around you has a sustainable, circular story that our chef Rudolf Brand and his team will be pleased to tell you. From chairs made of recycled refrigerators to dishes using salvaged vegetables; at the Circl Restaurant they will stimulate all your senses while making a positive contribution to society and the environment!


"Hrbs makes it possible to work with fresh herbs that grow locally and therefor have a low footprint. That is important for us! Plus that it is an experience for the guests who see that we cut fresh herbs and process them into dishes and drinks."