PROJECTS - Aug 2018

Brasserie2050, Growing a better world together!

Growing a better world together! A qualitative restaurant at a festival sight is not something you see that often. This summer, Lowlands, had its first run on Brasserie 2050, a temporary restaurant that wanted to create awareness about the importance of eating and producing food in a sustainable way. This initiative of Lowlands and Rabobank was done in collaboration with the Food Line-up, but Hrbs also played a prominent role! 

Food Miles, physiological distancing and waste are some of the downsides of our current food system. How did we get to this point and more importantly, how can we pivot to a more sustainable and circular food future? A trivial question, especially considering, that in 2050 we will be heading towards 10 billion mouths to feed.


Location | Lowlands festival
Furniture | Hrbs carts
Herbs | 200+ trays, 30+ varieties of crops 

All of the dishes at Brasserie2050 served during these 3 days, had stories to tell or questions to raise. Think about Steak Tartare that was produced with only 50% meat and 50% with plant-based ingredients like capsicum. Think about bread that was made from potato peel or about Boeuf Bourguignon made from legumes. Our Hrbs also joined the stage in different dishes, where our fresh & healthy herbs replaced additive tastemakers, like salt. This is what Maartje Nelissen from the Food Line-up, had to say about the culinary concept of Brasserie: 

“Visitors can enjoy the cuisine of the future, in a 3-day lasting restaurant setting. From vertical farming to remarkable ingredients such as seaweed caviar, plankton butter and weeds. Everything we serve is not only delicious, but also accessible to everyone,“

The circulair pavilion, designed by Overtreders, was completely dismounted after the Festival and can be build up on a different location without hassle. Two sides of the open facade of the restaurant consisted of 20 Hrbs carts filled with our trays, making it a real botanic library. The different herbs that were displayed, ranged from green sorrel, oyster leaf, to parsley. The visitors saw how over time, the library ‘slink’ as more was consumed. This customer awareness of how food was consumed over time, almost symbolized the temporality of the festival.

It was definitely a showstopper! But we have good news to share, Brasserie 2050 will come back in 2019 on several locations in The Netherlands. As there are so many other stories to tell and still so much awareness to raise!