We are proud to introduce you to one of our newest customers! Michelinstar restaurant Pure C! What makes this restaurant so unique and why does chef Syrco Bakker like to use our products? Read the interview now ...

Pure C is one of Hrbs newest clients and certainly more than a dinner restaurant. As the name suggests, the menu is all about the North Sea and local products from the Dutch province Zeeland. Chef Syrco Bakker, who received his second Michelin star in December 2018 combines a modern french cuisine with mainly local ingredients and with Hrbs! Last week, Lena Grunicke had the chance to speak to Syrco about how the ingredients used in the kitchen, a stay at the Strandhotel Cadzand-Bad and a dinner at Pure C are such a memorable and delicious experience.

When Hrbs reached out to Syrco, he was immediately enthusiastic and convinced that our concept would be a perfect fit for Pure C. ‘The Hrbs concept: to create an exciting and fresh experience with high quality products, goes along perfectly with our concept. The Hrbs are crisp with intense flavors and give the kitchen a fresh look. The whole restaurant gets a fresh atmosphere’.

Sergio Herman, owner and chef of Oud Sluis, one of the best restaurants in the Netherlands that received its third Michelin star in 2005, opened Pure C at this idyllic location in Cadzand in 2010. Pure C’s concept was created with a very unusual and personal approach. The idea was to open a ‘light-hearted, dynamic business with a holiday atmosphere where passionate staff serves great food with a smile in a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere’.

This, probably, is one of the secrets that make Pure C such a successful restaurant. It is all about creating a nice, relaxing and fresh environment for the guest. Syrco wants them to feel homely and comfortable when they visit the restaurant. Sometimes, it even happens that a group of guests starts singing a ‘Happy Birthday’ for someone. ‘That makes me really happy. The ultimate compliment’, says Syrco. Pretty unusual for a Michelin star restaurant, I would say. 

‘Hrbs are criSp with intense flavors and make the kitchen look fresH! this fresh atmosphere fills the entire restaurant’.

The kitchen was built as an ‘Atelier’ made of glass. Because of this, guests can see Syrco and his team preparing and cooking the dishes while they enjoy the laid back atmosphere, great drinks and the amazing view over the dunes and the North sea. The word ‘Atelier’ means workshop or studio of a professional artist where he and his students or assistants work together. At Pure C, Hrbs became a living part of the Atelier. In between ingredients and kitchen supplies, guests see chefs finishing the dishes by cutting and placing little greens on the plates. ‘Guests love to be able to see us creating the dishes. They can literally see how fresh the ingredients that we use are.’

Typical ingredients of Syrco’s kitchen are products of Zeeland, like seafood directly out of the sea behind the dunes. The light and elegant cuisine pairs those products with exotic spices and herbs, like Coriander or Moroccan mint. Syrco grew up in Noord Brabant and has been living in Zeeland for twelve years now. But next to seafood and fresh local ingredients, he has a special affinity and personal connection with asian cuisine, as his mother is Indonesian.

‘I LIKE asian cuisine a lot and make use of coriander in my dishes. also micro mosterd leaf is a great hrbs that i use, pleasantly spicy!’

In the Pine House, a newer part of the Strandhotel, where guest can enjoy a comfortable breakfast, the culinary experience for the guests does not stop. Here, they can even cut, smell and taste fresh herbs themselves! Placed in a bar, the guests have the opportunity to create a fresh mint tea or infuse their water with some Lemon Balm.

Before the Hrbs get renewed, the hotel staff harvests the last leaves. ‘Of course we try not to create any waste and to use everything that we buy. There are many ways to do that; preserving food by pickling or drying, making sirup or alcoholic drinks or using the whole animal instead of only the best pieces’, says Syrco. This way of cooking is sustainable thinking and goes along with the circular concept of Hrbs perfectly. The Hrbs are delivered without any packaging but the tray where they have been growing in will be re-used at one of our nurseries close to Amsterdam.

Syrco clearly cares a lot about the ingredients he uses in his kitchen. ‘I want an honest product, for the creation of a new dish, a team member of Pure C goes to visit a couple of farmers here in Zeeland. We find out what they can offer instead of thinking about ingredients and then trying to find them from wherever is possible. Zeeland is a diverse region with a wide offer of products. Like this, we create relationships with the producers, discovering new sorts and we can try them right away.’

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