Hrbs started with the mission to feed the city while also aiming to make cities greener. Based on rapid population growth, urbanization and global warming, the city of the future needs to change and towards cities with a better balance between ‘grey’ and ‘green’ areas.

By adding green into our daily lives, we can solve urban problems such as heat stress and flooding, but we can also become healthier and happier urbanites. With an amazing team we are working to make this mission reality!

Tessa Duste

Co Founder

Philip Van Traa

Co Founder

Nina Sickenga

Co Founder

Michiel Van Zanten

Operational Manager

Kelai Diebel

Project Manager & Architect

Wietse Van Gellekom

Service Manager

Dídac Sabatés


Marco Van Zelst

Green Specialist

Lena Grunicke

Green Specialist

Hanne Sinninghe


Tom Roozenbeek

Green Specialist


Hrbs. couldn’t be there without all the people who have helped us getting where we are now!

Dylan Van Den Dool

Product Designer

Wanna be part of this green team?

We are a fast growing team! So please feel free to contact us for opportunities! You can find the current job openings below: